• Fast and easy deployment
  • Reliable proven design
  • Metal halide, LED or balloon lights
  • Lights operate at any height
  • Tower rotates nearly 360 degrees, even while lights are raised


  • High-efficiency light fixtures keep maximum light on the job longer, increasing safety
  • Durable fixtures ensure longevity and dependability
  • Two outriggers and four leveling jacks provide stability
  • 6kW 60Hz generator
  • Tier 4 Final diesel engine includes glow-plug preheat system for improved cold-weather starting
  • Fuel capacity of 30 gallons provides extended run times of up to 120 hours


  • Rotating tower reduces the need to frequently move the light tower trailer
  • Lockable, weather-resistant, steel cabinet protects engine and electrical components from the elements
  • Control panel features hour meter, 120-volt GFCI receptacle for powering external equipment, and circuit breakers for on/off functionality and protection
  • Automatic shutdown system protects engine from damage due to low oil pressure and high coolant temperature
  • Translucent polyethylene fuel tank provides instant view of fuel level, eliminating the need for a fuel gauge
  • Vertical tower for efficient transport and storage
  • Different models and options available

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