Do you need temporary barrier for a construction project or special event? Highway Signing provides rentals, sales, and installation of temporary concrete and water barriers. Concrete barrier is roadway certified and ready while our water barrier is great for special events and crowd control.

Temporary Concrete Barrier Uses

Our temporary concrete barriers are commonly used in construction work zones. They effectively shield public vehicles from extreme drop-offs, such as in the case of bridge construction and expansion projects. They also prevent traffic from entering work zone areas to protect construction personnel or equipment. Temporary concrete barriers also prevent construction machinery or personnel from extreme drop-offs or entering adjacent traffic lanes. Additionally, they can be used to separate two-way traffic.

Water Barrier

Our water barrier is made of durable polyethylene that is built to handle harsh weather conditions and UV rays to resist fading. These durable barriers are sturdy enough to withstand impacts while also being lightweight allowing for easy installation and removal. The bright orange color of our water barrier improves safety and is easier to see than concrete barriers. Our water barrier can also be combined with 48” chain link fence toppers on each section to extend the height of the barriers