Hsighway Signing Authority

Pavement Marking

HSI possesses the technology and skill set to meet the diverse needs of the pavement marking industry. Our team has experience and knowledge in the following forms of pavement markings and removal:

Polyurea Pavement Markings
Highway Signing has an entire division dedicated to the installation of Polyurea Pavement Markings. Polyurea is the premier product for plural component pavement markings. This product is perfect for highway markings that provides a durability and abrasion resistance while retaining high reflective qualities. It can be applied to both cementitious and asphalt highway surfaces as a long lasting material for edge and center line markings, as well as all intersection markings.

Grooving & Line Removal Machines
Highway Signing has a versatile line of equipment that can meet anyone’s need. With a variety of equipment, HSI can provide long line grooving for any type of pavement markings installation. We also have the capability of doing line removal at a high rate of speed with our multiple head system that insures minimal surface scarification.

Spray Application
HSI has multiple trucks capable of painting waterborne or low-voc paints. While less durable than polyurea, these applications are excellent for use as an affordable and viable option for low-volume streets and roads.

High Performance All Weather Tape
Durable Tape is available for both surface and grooved or inlaid applications. These include Removable Tape for temporary markings, Preformed Type I (removable), Preformed Type II (non-removable), and Preformed Type III (intersection grade) tapes.

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